Bob White
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Author Bio

Bob White was born and raised in southern California.  He began writing during high school, starting as a journalist for the school newpaper.  After graduation from college and a stint at graduate school he worked as a minister for ten years in the Pacific Northwest.  During this time he authored articles, short stories, and a non-fiction book. 

Switching careers to mortgage banking, he continued to write, took creative writing classes, and joined a writer’s critique group.  In the past seven years he has produced more short stories, and a novel of women’s fiction. 

He is currently working on his next two novels.  The Reunion tells the story of two people in their sixties falling in love again when they meet at a fifty-year high school reunion.  Abducted is a story of mystery and suspense in which the main character, Tony Petrocelli, must find a ten year-old girl taken from her home in the middle of the night before it is too late. 

In addition to writing he enjoys gardening with his wife, the pursuit of culinary creations, and travel.  He lives with his wife in southern California.  His adult children live in California and Washington.